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Stillwater, OK, is a quaint, charming, bikeable town that a population of about 50,000 love to call home. Our land is plentiful with opportunities — from cultivating agriculture to settling down and retiring, to starting a family; our community is an ideal destination for one and all.
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Did Oklahoma Begin in Stillwater?

That’s a very good question! On April 22nd, 1889, cannons fired to begin the race to acquire new land in Oklahoma. The territories would become Canadian, Cleveland, Kingfisher, Logan, Oklahoma, and Payne Counties.

Payne County is where the Town of Stillwater sits. The county is named after David L. Payne, a promoter of the railroad lobby. He sent his boomers’ to search for land. They chose a wooded valley where two streams joined, just 60 miles south of Arkansas City. The spot was selected due to its abundance of natural resources.

And thus, Stillwater became the first settlement in Oklahoma! Learn more about Stillwater’s story…

Folks find that Stillwater is a great community to retire in!
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